What Makes Girls Sick and Tired (Second Story Press, 2019)

Minimalist illustrations of women and girls are accompanied by relatable experiences and horrific statistics in this graphic novel for teenagers about sexism. What Makes Girls Sick and Tired is a good conversation starter regarding feminism. Geneviève Darling’s illustrations are inclusive and unapologetic, adding to Lucile de Pesloüan’s no-nonsense approach to the negative impact of sexism….

Dear Earthling: Cosmic Correspondent (Common Deer Press, 2018)

Crankian Dethbert Jones has recently joined the Space Cadets and is looking forward to finding a pen pal from another planet so that he can earn his Cosmic Correspondent badge. When an alien from Earth responds, Dethbert learns more than he could ever imagine about his new friend and himself. Dethbert’s experiences with jealousy, puberty,…