Projects & Publications


Fact-checking (Selected)

I tried to kill myself. I survived. When Canada’s health care system failed me, I tried again, and again,” This Magazine (July/August 2018)
What urban centres with corporate Prides can learn from small towns across Canada,” This Magazine (May/June 2018)
Dude, where’s my canoe?” This Magazine (January/February 2018)
Social media is keeping us stuck in the moment,” This Magazine (November/December 2017)

Proofreading (Selected)

Second Story Press: Fall 2018 Catalogue,” Second Story Press (April 2018)
This Magazine (March/April 2018)
This Magazine (September/October 2017)
On the Danforth (Spring 2017)


Articles (Selected)

Why protesters are against an Indigenous confederacy’s deer harvest,” This Magazine (March/April 2018)
Inside Canada’s first coding truck, bringing digital literacy to communities across Ontario,” This Magazine (November/December 2017)
Toronto’s VideoCabaret brings your history textbook to life with wit and charm,” This Magazine (September/October 2017)
New ecological project takes stock of Calgary’s amphibian life,” This Magazine (July/August 2017)

Reviews (Selected)

New ‘lesbian supernatural thriller’ explores the realities of trauma and healing,” This Magazine (March/April 2018)
New anthology explores why you should trust your intuition,” This Magazine (January/February 2018)
Author’s debut English novel explores love and consequence during the Somali Civil War,” This Magazine (November/December 2017)
New book explores the complex world of Indigenous healing,” This Magazine (July/August 2017)


I met her the year they told me my love wasn’t real,” Xtra (August 2018)
“Words On Truth & Experience,” From the Root (May 2017)

Blog Posts (Selected)

Remembering Resistance,” Second Story Press: Wavemaker Blog (April 2018)
Women and the Water (Walking) Movement,” Second Story Press: Wavemaker Blog (March 2018)
Author Spotlight: Sheba Karim,” KROS Magazine (January 2018)
Origin Story: Allyson,” KROS Magazine (November 2017)